Spanning tree problems


We are currently troubleshooting (in lab setup) some strange problems with different spanning tree versions, configurations. We didn’t just yet get to bottom to problems, but for sure are very strange.
Does anyone know what are limitations/problems with STP/RSTP/PVSTP? Maybe it works better when not configured from cnMaestro?

Will post our results next week.

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After further troubleshooting in our lab setup, we found that there are indeed problems with PVRST mode.
Our setup works with RSTP as it should, but with PVRST we have some strange behaviour. In some cases there was no other way to recover, from spanning tree blocking ports, than to reboot switch.

We were using EX2016M-P connected for loop via 2,5G ports and all configuration via cloud cnMaestro Version 3.1.1-r63.
I am not sure what exactly is the root cause when problems are happening, but is a problem for sure. We noticed that during problems, we had around 5M of loop traffic still going in the network and pings to switches and devices were dropping (just every 1 in 5 was successful).
We didn’t use any “cost” settings and with just two VLANs configured.

Strange indeed.

Kind regards