Spanning Tree

Should STP be as simple as turning it on or do I need to configure it to work with my switches?  I tried turning it on for both an AP and a SM and if I create a loop on the SM side it still effects the network on the other side of the  AP.

The switches will need to be configured. Take some time and read some of the Cisco documents on that subject, done right you can do some nice tricks with rstp to double or triple bandwidth to network rings

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I'm already using OSPF for network routes.  What I'm trying to figure out is how to run un-natted subscribers without the risk of broadcast storms.  We want to start sending IPv6 to clients but our Mikrotik only support sending Prefixes over DHCPv6, so our ePMP, Ubiquiti, and Canopy subsribers can't easily take advantage o fthis yet.

All of our switches  (mikrotiks) already have RSTP enabled which allows us to use failover links in some cases, but it doesn't seem to work well to prevent broadcast storms.

Yestarday I enabled RSTP on my SM and AP at home and created a loop on a switch for a test.  During this test everything on that network because unreachable.  Am I going about this the wrong way?