Special equipment for canopy

Helo this is our special horn antena for canopy…we call it "smallHorn and bigHorn :-)"

Looks to me like products very similar to Beehive’s stingers and test adapters.

I somehow get the feeling most people would laugh at you when you would go to put one of those things on there house. At least our customer base would.

I guess that’s the not-so-nice way of putting it.

I’d like to think LittleHorn and BigHorn would be more politically correct. ;)Do you have any performance data comparing your units to the Moto LENS and WBMFG Stinger.


holy cow, that a heavily loaded mount in the background, are there like 15 antennas in a 3 foot space?

Seriously though, did you guys make these yourselves? If you dont mind giving up a little info, whats the passive collector made from?

I personally thing the setup looks pretty slick, and beehive failed 100% for us, so Im all about looking into something else.

Maybe it´s useful, but instead of it… we´re laughing on how it looks for a few hours :smiley: