Specific phones that causes problems or are good?

Does anyone keep track of which cordless phones cause problems with 900Mhz systems and which are good? We’ve noticed some of the 5.8 & 2.4 use 900 in some way that cause interference with the antenna. Just wondering if anyone keeps track of which are good and which are bad.

I have seen this before too. It appears the base station uses 5.8 to transmit to the handset and the handset uses 900 to go back to the base station. However in the manuals of these phones there is no mention of the fact that they use 900 but if you turn an SM and point its spec analysis on the phone you can definitely see it.

We have several cordless phones that interfere with the 900’s. I have a Sanyo 2 phone set (Model CLT 5812) at home that drops my connection almost instantly when they start to ring. As soon as I pick up the corded phone next to my computer it registers in about 3 seconds.

Motorola’s 2.4GHz Model MA351 will also cause grief for those with 900 SM’s.

We have found a cordless model that [u:1zs9kcgr]DOES NOT[/u:1zs9kcgr] interfere and works really well at our office with either 2.4 or 900 SM’s. We use a 2 phone set made by Panasonic. Model is KX-TG2314.

I think this post is an excellent idea. I’ve asked our installers to note the model of any cordless phones present during installation. I will add the model numbers of interefering phones to this post as we find them.

The Dect 6.0 cordless phones are supposed to be Interference free. My neighbors 5.8 GHz phone shuts my SM down instantly so I just picked up this phone from the local WalMart. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product. … id=5230831

There are cheaper phones as well.

So far it hasn’t shut down the router like the 2.4 GHz did, and hasn’t bothered the SM either.

I know this is an old post but I just ran into this situation myself for the first time. A new customer with a 900 MHz SM said when the phone rings, her connection begins to “crawl” and when she answers, her connection drops completely. Immediately I thought they have a 900 Mhz phone only to discover that their two phones were a 5.8 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz. The spectrum analyzer was able to show us though that the 900 Mhz was being used. I went to the website for the phone manufacturer (Vtech) and looked at the technical specs in the manuals for both phones to discover that they both use the advertised freq’s for data coming into the house and to the handset and 900 MHz for data (voice) from the handset to the base. Just throwing that out there for anyone else that runs into this problem.

6.0 does not refer to frequency. DECT 6.0 phones run at 1920-1930MHz. 6.0 is purely a marketing term to look bigger than 5.8, 2.4, so on. Wikipedia has more information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DECT