Spectrum Analysis files for Canopy Radios

The Spectrum Analysis files are formatted as XML. We recommend that you open these files in a text editor for viewing or parse with an external script. The files will not display correctly in a web browser because the required style sheet, spectrum.xsl, and the necessary images (instant.gif, redzone.gif, maxhold.gif, spacer.gif) haven’t been downloaded from the radio. Support has raised a feature request with Development Engineering to see if this behavior can be changed in a future software release.

Has this feature ever been included or is there a way to down load the SpectrumAnalysis.xml and view elsewhere?


If you can use Internet Explorer browser, their is a way.

  • Access the radio web page in IE and do Spectrum Analysis
  • Open the Spectrum Analysis.xml in IE
  • After its open and you can see the details with all styles, in IE do File -> Save As -> Save as Type as Web archive, single file .mht

This will save the html and all related styling in one single file, which can be opened elsewhere to see the data properly styled.