Spectrum analyzer/ACS coupled with smart antenna

To overcome the limitation of the spectrum analyzer mode, where the bandwidth is limited to 200 MHz, I use ACS as a coarse spectrum analyzer.

When used on a noisy site, it show all frequencies as used so it's a little bit useless.

I think ACS could be more useful if it is coupled with the smart antenna and can draw a cartesian plan with abscissa as angle of smart antenna (so its range is from -45° to +45°), the ordinate as frequencies and, for the Relative Interference Metric information, could be used different colour (from blue to red).

So, if on the left side ot the ePMP I have few CPE and a strong interference, I can choose a better frequencies to improve CPE on the right side.

I can understand a spectral analyses of this kind could be very long, so could be interesting select even an angle range (from 0° to 40°, for example) and a freq range.