Spectrum Analyzer & Java

Please find another way other than Java to provide the Spectrum Analyer function.  I'm on-site installing a new link on a tower with existing 5 GHz services. After installing Java and jumping through all the Java security issues, I got the spectrum analyzer to work. But now after rebooting my laptop, it won't post. The error message is complaining about a defective file in the Java directory. This is not the kind of trouble installation techs need when installing your equipment.


Thank you for your feedback and sorry for inconveniences.

We are already working on Spectrum Analyzer tool intergrated into GUI.

I hope we will be ready soon to introduce it.

Thank you.


It is really working very badly. If you are not connected to the computer or inside the network it does not work. It is impossible to do a spectrum analysis remotely. For what date is estimated to the presentation of a new tool?

We also need better smoothly Spectrum Analyzer.

Today when we need to find a better frequency steps are:

1 - add the link in the security exception of Java config

2 - set epmp to spectum analyzer

3 - reboot and wait

4 - run the tool (find a free space spectrum)

5 - set epmp to Access Point

6 - reboot and wait

7 - change frequency to the better found

Many steps, and spend much time