Spectrum Analyzer problem

Hello people. When I try to make a spectrum analysis, I get the following error. And probe with different OS versions, probe with different versions of JAVA, but I have not been lucky. It is the first time cambium use, we have a network of more than 3,000 customers ubnt

As per the error message I believe this is not the OS or Java specific issue. There is something wrong between Spectrum Analyser application interface and your radio. So here is the catch "When you configure ePMP in spectrum analyser mode,I would suggest to change the PC ip address to with subnet mask. Because changing radio mode to Spectrum analyser will use ip address 
Try these steps and let me know the results.

Deepesh Chandra Sharma.
Technical Specialist-L3 Networks.
Cisco Certified Network Professional.
Cambium Certified over PMP/PTP/ePMP.

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These AP's are on a highsite, its a routed network with a manangement IP range so I cant exactly do that. 

I have same problem....when you have radio on site...you cant just change your IP up and down....

why is spectrum analyser mode using strange IP??? It should use device IP! not?



Device in Spectrum Analyzer mode is running under same IP which was used previously in AP/SM mode before swithcing to SA mode.

The only exception is case when device is running in AP/SM mode with Fallback IP address In this case after switching to SA mode it will be reachabele on IP address.

Thank you.

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