Spectrum Analyzer - Suggestions?

I am in process of tracking down and purchasing a reasonably priced spectrum analyzer. I have found 2 products that seem to be pretty decent and reasonably priced.



http://www.bvsystems.com/Products/Spect … blebee.htm

I am leaning towards the Bumblebee. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

We own the bumble bee and I love it.

I have said it before: I used it once and it paid for itself.

Just be sure you keep the PDA and analyzer charged at all times…

I really like the stuff though. It comes in a nice Pelican case with all of the goodies: Analyzer, PDA pre-loaded with software and charged, 5GHz, 2.4GHz and 900MHz antennas, chargers for the analyzer and extra batteries, charger for the PDA, desktop mount to connect the pda to the pc, and a real easy to comprehend user manual.

I got it in, unpacked the stuff, and was using the analyzer in about 30-45 minutes.

The analyzer uses sma connectors so you can connect jumpers such that you can connect it to your antenna systems or use an external antenna. I’d also invest in one of their (i think ) 5dBi attenuation pads so you can connect the analyzer into the T-lines of systems that are using BDA’s (should you frequently work on systems like that) so you don’t blow the receive portion out on the unit, and so that it displays the values correctly. We have pads around here anyway, so I just used some gender-changers to get them to work on the unit.

Using the attenuated setup, you can also get an accurate measurement of RF output power levels on systems that give you a connection port out of the radio. Works great to diagnose your problems on the bench.

I can’t say enough about their product. If you get one you’d not be disappointed.

Excellent, thank you for the response.

I see you are in Boise, ID. You wouldnt happen to be Velocitus would you?

No. :lol:

They are no longer around from things I have seen doing wifi, which I cannot speak about… sorry. :slight_smile:

They still do hosted voip and t’s