spectrum Analyzer

I am looking for a spectrum analyser, we use 2.4GHz, 5.7GHz and C-band VSAT (6 GHz)

Any recomendations…


Agilent or Anritsu makes good equipment that should cover the bands you are looking for.

Yah, definitly Anritsu - they have some great new products out this year. One of which I hope to order next month. :smiley:


I was looking at Agilent for about $10k…

I am looking at ordering one of the Spectrum Master units - about $26k CDN for the MS2721A if I remember right. It does some pretty fancy sh!t.


like what ?

I need to know what the diff is between the 10k and 26k analyser and if I am ever likely to use it… I want to invest properly…

The features you want and the applications you will use it in will determine how much you will need to spend. My application will not just be for Canopy - I do a LOT of RF work, from low-band up to 6 GHz microwave.

Some of the features I am looking at are a lot of memory for storing spectrum analysis data over periods of time, Ethernet access so I can leave the unit at site and monitor the spectrum from my office :smiley: , also being able to listen for intermods and have the unit tell me what on-air freqs are combining to cause them. I could go on and on about how I can use this thing. haha


I am no expert in RF (did some wave theory in physics in school about 10 years ago), but once I get the spec I will begin to learn alot and don’t want to end up in a situation where I am easily limited by the analyzer…

I know it a hard question to answer unless I can tell you what I need to use it for, but I really don’t know what they can be used for… probably stick with the 10k… and then hope for the best…

I would go through the features that the unit has and think of ways to use them. You could also talk to the pre-sales guys, tell them what you want to do and the experience you have. Some companies will try to sell you something you don’t need and will never use half of. Some will try to solve your needs. haha

I have found Anritsu to be really good to deal with, but if you find something elsewhere a good place to start is seeing how they will treat before you’re a customer - if they only treat you with respect and care after you spend the money then it may not be the best place.


I found this, reckons it is as good as a normal spectrum…

I’m dubious, but hopefull… any thoughts…

http://test1.contenttest.net/Spektruman … _en.shtml#

All depends on how you are using it.

I look at it like a 50.00 DMM versus a 2000.00 O-Scope. If all I want to know is amplitude, current, and resistance the DMM will serve. If I need to know phase, time domain, and combined signal information, inter-modulation, etc I need the O-Scope.

I think having an inexpensive analyzer that can be in the tool bag and that I can leave somewhere logging info makes sense. Even if I had the duckets for an Anritsu or other high end analyzer, I would not be dragging a it around with me, that’s for sure.