Specturm Analyser Feature on cnwave v5000

Hello Team,
How can i carry out a spectrum analysis on cnwave v5000 on 60GHz frequency.

I observed that this feature is not on the cnwave devices as it is on the epmp3000 and force300 series.


Hello aam, whilst most of our sub 6GHz products do have this Spectrum Analysis facility in them to cover many regulatory bands and channels we do not support this in the 60GHz product currently.

The nature of 60GHz propagation does have some built in resilience to interference and the .11ay standard does have technics to help mitigate interference such as ATPC, Golay codes and indeed the narrow beam forming at both ends of the link.

Do you have issues with interference you are trying to debug, or is this for future deployments.

Hello Antony,

Thanks for your fast reply.

Much appreciation for the information.

While I understood that the 60GHz does not support the feature currently, I wondered if a graphing tool on cnmaestro or v5000 can show that the cnwave doesn’t produce con-interference on the 60GHz frequency and also on the 5.8Ghz band.