speed issues on 15.0.1 software

Hi everyone,

is there a known problem with APs and SMs performing poorly at the 15.0.1 software load? it appears that since our network has upgraded to this software build, customers have reported slow speeds at their homes...

Hi Josh,

Could you please let me know what is the speed that you need to get ?

What is the speed the you are getting ?

Coulld you please perform the RF Link test on the AP and SM and share us the results ?



i think i am seeing the same issue on pmp450 system 3.65 ghz it does 10 but struggles to get to 15 and we have 10m and 15m customers


we are experiuencing the same issues. With 5.4/5.7 GHz AP and SMs running build 15.0.1 there is some problem with AP packet-per-second preformance. When AP gets to approx 10k PPS it shows signs of HW overload (higher ICMP ping time to AP, slow response on SNMP requests etc.). Clients are experincning slow speeds in the same time (4Mbps insetead of 20Mbps). We tested it on 20 and 30MHz channels and it is working the same. RF linktest says 166/27 Mbps but AP wil not go over 11k PPS and approx 72/7Mbps and single client will not go over 50Mbps.

I see the same.  Although while on 20MHz we did not notice increased ping times.  We had 15.0.1 running for about 1 week and then increased to 30MHz channels.  We now see pings that should be about 3ms from router to AP shoot up to avg 68ms (spikes over 200ms) with packet loss.  GUI becomes slow to navigate.  If I drop all sessions pings instantly return to 3ms.  Traffic returns 5 minutes later and pings become horrible.  We have 50 SM's on this sector and traffic not surpassing ~70mbps inbound ethernet.

Haven't been able to correlate this yet, but have had a few customers complain of slow speeds from TCP speedtests (web speedtest.net to our office) but all tests show good throughput on the RF side from the canopy... Backbones are fiber, and no congestion and low frame utilization from what i can see. Not sure yet if its just some customers with poor computers/networking issues, or if its related to the 15.0.1 release, definitly interested if anyone has seen any other issues speed related since going to 15.0.1/2