Splash Page Cnmaestro Don´t work


I have a problem with guest access in cnMaestro, when I enable guest access, the welcome page does not appear on mobile phones, laptops work fine, I think because the laptop works through a web page , but on cell phones it connects to the network and only the portal is displayed when I do a search in the browser.

can you help me please?

I have forwarded this to the support and product teams.

I have this same issue!

captive.apple.com is accessible even though other sites dont work...


If you are using social login and enabled Google sign in option then it automatically enables the "Bypass Captive Portal Detection". There is a small "Note" under that config which gives details on this. We recently updated our Facebook login flow and it no longer auto enables the "Bypass Captive Portal Detection" so if you enable Facebook then you should see auto pop up sign in window for IOS/Android devices.

cnMaestro Note under Guest Portal->Free->Social-login:

"Captive portal bypass will be enabled if social login with Facebook or Google is enabled. This is required as the Captive-portal Network Assistant (Guest portal signon popup on mobile devices) is not compatible with the social login API provided by these services."

If you are not using social login access methods on your splash page and you still have issues where the auto sign up sheet is not comming up automatically on IOS/Andriod devices then please let us know. 

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