Splash Page Form Submission

Can we make a splash page with form submission on same page with updating client information that we provide like Q/As and then login via Voucher ID.

Please Update us.

I am not sure I completely understand your idea, but we can support external captive portals and an external captive portal can be imminently customizable. You can customize the captive portal that we supply to include Free Access, Social Login, SMS, Voucher, and even pay options.  You can include Terms and Conditions.  However, there is not a place to add Q/As (?). 

You can also, in the Advanced section of the splash page configuration, upload your own .css file format for the splash page.  This will allow you to do even more customization.  But I don't know if this is what you are asking for. 

Please let us know if this answers your idea or provide additional information on your idea.

For the cnMaestro based Guest Portal we don't have this option as of now. Please let us know set of fields which you require for this survey. Also if there was an option to provide a link to a survey in the splash page which users can click and take then will that suffice your usage?