spurious SM out of range errors

We have just begun having issues with 2 different 450i APs

Both APs dropped all clients and are now failing to re-associate them

Each Luid log shows:

Event: REGREQ, NewState: REGISTERING, Flag 0

Event: OOS, MsgType: VCERR, NewState: IDLE, Flag 181 (and incrementing)

SM Registration failures shows:

MAC : 0a-00-3e-b7-**-** Out of Range 05/15/2017 : 16:53:53 UTC : Status : 1 Flag : 1046225

ad infinitium...

Resetting the AP does not help.

The AP event logs are full of :

******System Startup******
System Reset Exception -- Restarted by CaOs
(preceeded by system dumps)

and lots of:

05/15/2017 : 12:09:25 UTC : :Stuck session cleared (LUID025 0a-00-3e-b4-**-**)

APs and SMs are running 14.2.1

All of the SMs were in range earlier today, and none of them have moved...

I could be wrong, but I believe the Out of Range message is just a normal function of a re-registrations.

If two AP's have been affected out of the blue and nothing has changed, I would start with a Spectrum Analysis.

It sounds like there might be a new interferer in the area.

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