SR 3.0 Known Issues

Known Issues Resident in SR 3.0

  • On EU models of ePMP 2000, no configuration changes can be made (Save button is grayed out) until a valid country code license is applied to the radio.
  • When attempting to downgrade an ePMP 2000 radio to an invalid software version (specifically releases older than 2.4.3), the GUI may report an incorrect error message and refer to the ePMP 2000 as a Force 180 or Force 200 radio.
  • When in ETSI region and 5.4 GHz band using LBT, if the SM is subjected to very high interference, it may cause a reboot with a crash signature “arqtx_rwb_from_wbuf”.
  • When more than two DNS IPs are obtained using DHCP, the third and subsequent DNS IPs will get truncated when displaying on the GUI.
  • The “Internet” Globe icon on the top right of the GUI page may take up to 40 seconds to turn green once a DNS server has responded.
  • When using RADIUS to authenticate a GUI user, if an invalid password is entered, it may cause the GUI session to lock up. Workaround is to refresh the GUI browser window.
  • When ePMP 2000 is in Standard WiFi, a Ubiquiti Nanobeam may not register. There is currently no workaround.
  • When using 5 MHz channels on ePMP 2000 in TDD mode, TCP downlink throughput may degrade by up to 20%.
  • False radar detections on FCC DFS channels resulting in the AP moving to alternate channels

    or turning off the transmitter for 30 minutes.

  • On rare occasion, on an ePTP link, under interference, the ePTP Slave may stop trasnmitting traffic. Workaround is to reboot the Slave. 

We have come to learn about an issue in 3.0 which could be quite severe, depending on your deployment. Release 3.0 software incorrectly caps the SM and PTP mode EIRPs to the APs EIRP in FCC regions. The FCC requires the AP's EIRP to be capped to lower values (ex: 36 for the 5.8 band) while the SMs and PTP radios are allowed much higher EIRPs. Due to this EIRP cap, SMs with high gain antennas (ex: Force 200) will not be able to turn up thier TX powers beyond 11 dBm (25dBi antenna gain + 11 dBm Tx power = 36 EIRP). Therefore SMs that are at longer distances or in a tough link may see thier performance degrade significantly when running Release 3.0. 

This issue has been fixed in 3.0.1 which is a maintenance release. We expect a 3.0.1 beta release early next week. 

We apologize for the trouble cause due to this defect.