SSH from MikroTik to ePMP

Hopefully some of you MTik / ePMP guru’s can help me. I’m trying to SSH from a MikroTik 4011 into the Force 300c that is connected to it.

The ePMP has defaulted, so it’s ethernet’s IP is currently. I have assigned as a secondary IP address to the Ethernet of the MikroTik - and applied that - and I can ping from the MTik to the Force300 fine.

When I go to the MTik terminal, to /system, and then ‘ssh’, the F300 replies, and challenges for the password properly… but when I type in the default password, I get just…

  •    ePMP command line interface       *

…and that’s that. Nothing further – no ‘command prompt’ like I get when using PUTTY to log in directly to an ePMP.

Maybe Mikrotik has old version of ssh ?
Have to be somethink near this one → Remote version: SSH-2.0-dropbear_2019.78