Ssupended AP?

I have had a client query about using a stationary anchored balloon as an alternative to using a high mast as a relay point and I’m trying to figure out what initially unforeseen problems this could cause. Has anyone tried this or heard of it being done with canopy gear?

I have the ones that are obvious to me like power maintenance and minimizing the mobility of the balloon but even with those factored in it sounds to easy which normally means I have missed something, any suggestions about what else should be considered? The exact setup would be a 5.7SM with a grid antenna linked back to back to an access point probably another 5.7 with an omni antenna.


Interesting idea.
What is the distance? I am thinking that a 2.4 or a 900 is going to be more stable - Matt puts 900’s in pine trees that way 2-3 feet and stay registered.

Assuming you can get the balloon to be stable enough that it does not induce jitter on the link I can’t think of any reason it would not work.

It’s gonna take a whole lot of guy wires.

Distances will vary but the longest link should be between 7-10 KM, I haven’t been given all the locations as yet, its more trying to figure out if it will work and how well it will work. Stability seems to be the biggest problem at this point, especially seeing as at least one of the links will have to be a 5.7.

If it does end up going ahead I’ll post with how well it works.