STA desconect for AP of 30 to 30 minutes.

I am having a serious problem because I noticed that the 30 to 30 minutes the station disconnects from the access point.
Could someone tell me what to do?

Obs. o Meu RSSI estar a -58 tendo de resposta bem baixo.


Without knowing the specifics of your configuration it could be hard to tell. Are you operating in a country that has DFS restrictions?

We could better assist you if you contact our support center. You can call an in-coutry number at :

Or you can submit a case online at :

The country here is Brazil.
Have we put frequencies 5745 and 5800 and the same thing happens when, as something scheduled.


Glad to see that our support team was able to reach out to you.


Sounds like DFS. Check the ‘DFS Status’ on the dashboard while the outage is going on. You may see “System Not In Service due to DFS Device Allocation”.


Are you using radius by any chance and is the re-auth timer expiring causing a re-authentication/re-registration? What about DHCP renewal?
When the STA disconnects, is there anything printed on the syslogs to indicate the error?