STA is disconnected - No GPF

What does “STA is disconnected - No GPF” mean in the network entry state on a Station.

The Station will connect to the base then it will associate with another and it will show the STA is disconnected - No GPF error massag

Once a station (STA) is connected to the AP, the STA is expecting a periodical poll from the AP using GPF. Also, the AP is expecting a response of GPF from the STA. If this goes missing or there is no response after 5 tries, the STA will be disconnected.

You may be running into high interference.

When you say “it will associate…” with the base station and then it will associate with another, does the STA see two ePMP APs with strong signals? Look at the RSSI from your APs. If you do see two APs, set the better AP in the “preferred AP list” of the Station.