stack dumps and air delay errors

On p10 APs I am having some subscriber units see the AP in aiming mode at slightly above the max distance set on the AP.

for example, I could be 3 miles from an AP and it will see the AP in aiming mode, but it will tell me that it is 25.17 miles from the AP. The max range on the AP will be set to 25 and I will have to increase it to 26 for that SM to register.

has anyone else seen this? This seems to be happening all the time.

My P10 APs are also just keep getting stack dump errors in the event log.

I’ve seen that happen when the signal levels are very poor or there is some interference.

The fix for us was to either use a higher gain antenna or move the SM up higher.

Same thing for me, needed stronger signal from sm to ap…

once its registered it has a great signal strength with 100% link quality.

We currently have an SM that is doing it @ 2 miles away, jitter of 1 rssi of 900+ in aiming mode. Tried raising it, etc still no luck. This only started happening with p10 aps and 8.+ firmware.

I spoke to Stan Faust from Moto Tech Support Tier 3 support… he states that ALL stack dump errors are caused by RF issues. so it looks like we will be relocating some of our gear to a different position soon.

what type of rf issues will cause that?

interference… .