stacking multiple AP's

Well Im gettin to have 50 people or so on a AP, and speeds are starting to suffer. what are my options, can use morethan one AP on the same freq in that direction, or does it need to be on a different freq. Also can the color code bethesame if it ison the same freq, or will that also be different. I am planning on running them off the same CMM so they will be synchronized alike.


Pointing two AP’s on the same frequency, in the same direction, won’t work. Are you loosing packets to the SM’s? If so look at the control slots. You may find that increasing the NumCtlSlots will help. ** This will reduce overall throughput but it will help with loss.

I have seen that SM’s request bandwidth and the AP ignores the request because it is too busy. By increasing the NumCtlSlots you in essence tell the AP to listen to more SM’s at one time.

To check if your customers are experiencing slower performance because of bandwidth timeouts you can do the following:
Log into the SM
Click Expanded Stats
Click Uplink Stats
Then look to see if the bandwidth request timeout is increasing.

ok, ill try that, but by how much does it decrease the throughput. We limit the users to roughly 512K and if there are 60 users on a single AP, … I guess Ill have to do some experimenting. If itcomesdown to the point that I am maxing outthe bandwidth ofthe AP what options do I have as far as expanding the AP’s


Consider upgrading to Advantage APs, after doing some analysis to see if it will help in your particular network.

Advantage APs develop 2X the capacity (14 Mbps aggregate for 2.4 GHz and 5.x GHz) for series P9 SMs that are within “half-range”. Depending on your network configuration, the vintage of your current hardware, and whether you are adding more (new P9) SMs to your network, you might be able to take advantage of that. A caveat - P8 SMs, and P9 SMs out beyond “half-range” won’t benefit from an Advantage AP. But P9 SMs within “half-range” use half the air-time for the same throughput, thus freeing up air time for everybody else.