Standard Wifi Mode - Conection Rejected (Reasons Unknown)

Hello Everyone, I have an ePMP1000 Integrated in Standard Wifi Mode to connect with an AP wich is an RB912UAG (BaseBox - Mikrotik). The message on the radio is this : Rejected - Reasons Unknown.

I've tried with and without password key. Actually the AP network is naturally Open, doesn't have a key to connect. I've put a key just to test to see if maybe could be it.

Bellow, follows a print of the basic configuration from the AP, and the message on the ePMP1000 Integrated Station.

Please, say what I'm missing.


Is WDS enabled on Mikrotik AP?

Thank you.

No. It just works with WDS enabled?

Yes, WDS should be enabled.

Thank you.

thank you, finally my LHG can connect to Cambium

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