Standard Wifi with Force 200

EDIT [5/8/17] Does this have anything to do with my issues? I am going to try NAT now.

Hi all,

I am trying to use an ePMP Force 200 to connect to a 802.11 Wifi Access Point. For now, I want to connect the Force 200 to the Wifi and then use the ethernet cord coming from the Force as a means to connect to the Internet (whether I plug it into my laptop or into a switch). Note that I can ping the Force 200 web server and access it, but I do NOT get Internet access with the ethernet cord plugged into my laptop. My ATT Wifi module indicates that the Force 200 is indeed connecting to it.

Please see attached screenshots to see my web interface configuration. I have added the proper SSID by locating it under Monitor --> Wireless. 

Let me know if further details are needed.



Here is configuration of my ethernet via ipconfig:


Default gateway on your laptop is set to Force200 ip of

This should be your routers IP (