Starting Up Service

Hello everyone,

Being the first time I write here, I salut all of you.

I read through the posts around here and found sme very interesting topics and ideas/suggestions

The reason for my post is the following:

I am starting an ISP in my country of origin and I think that canopy is one of the best solutions available for the service we want to provide. Basically, we want to include normal hi-speed internet access, Video-Conferencing and VoIP. Other services would come later, depending on market acceptance and integration.

-I would like to ask you all, if a whole system can be assembled using only canopy products or should I look for “help” in other providers like CISCO for example.

-One of the antennas we want to install, will be on top of a hill with virtually no obstructions at all within a 270° radius but distancing around 5 to 7 Kilometers from the comunity I want to service. Is that suficient for a good reception of service? How many subscribers (+ - of course) can I serve with one broadcasting antennae or would I need to install some relay (sorry, I am a bit new at this technical stuff…) devices to distribute within the village? The village has around 12000/15000 people, give or take a few… :lol:

-Having bought all the material, in how much time can I start delivering service? :roll:

-Within your own experience, how have your communities accept the service and are they happy with it?

Sorry about all these questions, but I would really appreciate your help in this matters…

Best regards to all and good luck with your services

You can install the whole system with canopy products, but I think you might need some help in your “core” or Internet access with some switching and routing, a monitoring server is needed, a Proxy server will be helpful too, may be in linux for more stability.

5-7 kms is ok, we have most of ours suscribers at that distance and the service is good, even more distance 8-11 kms still doing good. The number of subscribers depends on the bandwidth utilization and type of service, usually 20-30 users is ok. You will need some relay, because you have to transport the Internet service from your ISP to the hill, unless they are doing so, may be you can start with an AP, and later add one more to cover more subscribers.

How much time take to start delivering the service? Depends on your ISP, usually a couple a weeks, but if you get your AP install in the hill with the Internet Service you can start delivering the service as fast as you can.

I hope this help you a little bit, anything else let me know.