Startup Recommendations

Dear Canopy Team & Users:

I’ve done a lot of research in regards to which Broadband Wireless Access system I should deploy for the WISP I intend to start this year.

I’ve been working for a major DSL provider in my area and using cable at home for years now and have found both to be inadequate and very costly to consumers in my area.

I began researching other technologies that could replace and squash these monopolies in my area and have found the Canopy system to hit every aspect of my requirements to do just that.

The reason for my post this evening is to ask those of you that have already made this leap and are running your own Canopy based networks for your advice in creating my own WISP startup.

My immediate area has 4 tightly grouped cities comprising around 400,000 people. I intend to start on the outlaying areas where broadband is hard to get or is very limited.

Could all you take a few minutes of your time to post the equipment, setup, and costs of this type of setup in order for me to get started? I’m looking to start providing service with the minimal amount of initial investment and slowly adding to the network as customer levels increase.

I appreciate all of your time and consideration of my request.



As a starting point, you can email my friends Jack Pausman, and John Malone who are helping us get our WISP up and running with Motorola’s software. They founded Wireless Broadband USA, and can help you get up and running quickly. They be reached through Best of luck !