Station signal level in PMP 450 AP

I tried looking through the MIB file but couldn't find what I was looking for but hopefully its in there. Is there an OID that list the station receive signal in the AP? I found the station list that shows the station's signal at the AP but I would hoping to also find the station recieve signal in the AP also. I have a few scripts I use to log all this data and it makes it easy when I can pull all that data off the AP. Thanks

As per my understanding,You are looking for the OID for SM/Station Receive signal on the AP,however,this option is not available in the GUI of the AP.Hence we do not have OID for the same.

We have option to see AP's RX power on the GUI of the AP under Session status >>Power and Receive power on the GUI of the SM/Station under Home >> General status due to which you are able to find the OID for the same.

Please correct me if I am understanding the query wrong and elaborate the query in brief.

I was afraid of that. Yes you did understand my request correctly. I was hoping that I perhaps was over looking the information and that it may be listed in the AP somewhere.. It is odd to me that the PMP450 line does not have the AP record the SM receive signal yet the ePMP line does. I will just email support to put in a request to see if it can be added in the future. For our monitoring and scripts, its very convientent to have the information in the AP and pull the data from it via snmp. Thanks

Yes,You can also post this requirement under the Idea section.Please find the below link for the same.