Statistics Ethernet SM3530-AP3530

as I can display the ethernet statistics of my SM3530 and AP3530, and view the status of:

Ethernet Link Detected :
Ethernet Link Lost :
Undersized Toss Count :
inoctets Count :
inucastpkts Count :
Innucastpkts Count :
indiscards Count :
inerrors Count :
inunknownprotos Count :
outoctets Count :
outucastpktsCount :
outnucastpkts Count :
outdiscards Count :
outerrors Count :
RxBabErr :
TxHbErr :
EthBusErr :
CRCError :
RcvFifoNoBuf :
RxOverrun :
LateCollision :
RetransLimitExp :
TxUnderrun :
CarSenseLost :
No Carrier :


Roddolfo Puerta

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Is there a question here? Maybe this question was posted in error, but this is our ePMP 1000 product forum.

Your subject line references “SM3530-AP3530” which I believe you are referencing our Cambium PMP 320 product.

But the content to your message is making reference to our PMP 100, PMP 430, and PMP 450 Ethernet Statistics page without a question.

excuse me, I have formulated my question wrong.
send my consulting section PMP 320.

I have a question here, related to Rodolfo’s post. On the ePMP1000 is there a way to tell is the radio is connected to anything ie: router, PC like the PMP 100-450 equipment? the PMP435-450 equipment we use regularly shows the connection as Ethernet Interface: 100Base-TX Full Duplex or in the event there is nothing connected to the radio is simply says “No Link”


Currently in the GUI of the ePMP radio there is not a way to tell if the radio is connected to anything. We are currently working on getting this in, in a future release.
The same can be said for the Ethernet Interface of the ePMP radio. We have heard from other customers that they would like to know what the radio is negotiating at as well. Again, coming in a future release.