Sticker logos

We are thinking about having some (vinyl maybe?) stickers made with our logo to put on our Force 180s & Force 200s. Does anyone know if this will cause an issue with the signal?

We have had a couple incidents where a customer switched from another wireless company to us and the other wireless company took our radio that we just installed instead of theirs. The incident this week was they took a our Force 200 instead of their PMP 100 (without a reflector dish), so I know a sticker won't stop this from happening, but it will just make it more obvious they took the wrong radio. As if, taking a completely different looking radio isn't obvoius enough. lol

Plus, a sticker will be more advertsing for us. Any thoughts?

As long as the sticker material and inks/dyes involved aren't metallic you shouldn't have any impact at all on signal.



You can even paint the F200 as long as its non metallic paint. 

Thank you!

Ghetto trick - put the vinyl in the microwave for say 20 seconds.  If it doesn't spark or heat up, you're good to go.

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"Ghetto trick'' - we also call tricks like that ''Hillbilly Hi-Tech'' up here. :)