Still having problems

What could cause interference in the 5.2 band? We are getting re-register’s on some of our sm’s. Theres no good reason for it either. Both the AP and the SM’s show good power level / jitter / rssi.

There is one guy in town who is running 5.2 ap’s unsecured. We fired up a default config 5.2 SM at our tower and it registered. We also know of a 5.2 point to point, but we don’t know exactly what frequency they are on.

We are using two of cyclone’s 120 degree 5.2 ap’s. One is advantage, and one is not. We also have a cyclone 5.7ghz 360 degree ap, but we are almost rid of this. The 5.2 network is a result of the 5.7 stuff going nuts because of interference (we think). Everything is on the 6.1 firmware.

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.

have you tried the spectrum analyzer in the advantatge ap to see what is out there?