still trying to setup the remote

i am still having problems setting up the remote ap to service several customers.

i am using 2.4 i have upgraded all systems both ap and sm to version 7
i have the ap set to recieve from timming port.
i have the color code and freq set.
i get connectivity on the sm that see’s the ap cluster.
when i check the ap i see a sm registared, but no connetivity.

is there a way to put the ap on my dsl line coming out of my router to test if it is getting a addresss then setup the sm to connect to the ap and check for connetivity.

i have my lan1 address set to the on my ap and i can see it when fired up.
i have set the lan1 address on the sm to default and can see it from the switch.

i am very confused is there a good blow by blow instructions on how to set this up…

any help would be appreciated

Hello tooslow, I just worked out some issues I had with a RAP deployment. As for your specific issue I can’t say from the information given what exactly you should do.

My best answer, (I wish I had sooner) read the new Canopy User Guide 440 pages found at … Fc6B6maqo=

May sound stupid but almost all issues posted can be resolved by reading and understanding the “new guide”.

I had issues with passing sync, set Sm frame timing pulse to “Enable” and AP to “Receive sync on timing…”, using line between GPS ports pins 1 and 6, although the boss had to go by some odd wiring he pulled out of his#$% being 1456, it worked.

I’m happy. Passing sync will make you happy too! Read white Papers on Remote Access Point, found in Canopy library, also Network setup guide.

i notice that the mention of a cross over cable from the ap and sm’s to the switch is noted on some documen tation and some say they will auto switch.

i am using 2.4 gig stuff i am wondering if that is my problem

What are you getting your timing from?

from the timming port on the sm that i am using the bounce from.

i have set the ap to sync from timming port.

i have set the color code

i have set the frequency.

the sm has 6.1 for software and the ap has 7.0 and the child sm is 7.0

Are you using all 2.4 units?

Motorola only supports connecting timing ports between units in different frequency bands. For example, if the primary AP-to-SM link is 2.4, then the primary SM’s connected (remote) AP and associated SMs need to be 900, 5.2, or 5.7.