Stinger for AP

I have on order a Stinger for APs which changes the vertical positioned AP to Horizontal,the unitity coverage is quoted at 103deg Az and 18deg El, I was thinking for the SMs of taking the boards from the normal housing and placing them horizontally in a good outdoor enclosure,however if the AP was sited horizontally with the stinger stuck on would this then turn a Horizontal AP to vertical,or would the coverage be 18deg Az and 103deg El ? I just cant seem to get my head round this !

Uh, why would you be mounting an AP sideways and then using a horizontal stinger to make it vertical again? I take it your question is academic. If not you might want to consider a connectorized AP…

Essentially what the stats are saying is the stinger is 100 degrees wide by 18 degrees on the elevation (top to bottom) instead of 60 by 60. Oh, and it’s now incidendtally Horizontally polarized.

So if you put that on it’s side 90 degrees you get 100 degrees elevation (up to down) and 18 degrees wide which is next to useless in most situations.

Does that make sense?

I didn’t look closesly at the stats when I was at Animal Farm, but 100 degrees is pretty cool.