Stinger Passive Antenna - is it suitable for 5.2 GHz ?

Stinger Passive Gain Antenna for 5.7 GHz SMs -
Does anybody knows would it work with 5.2 GHz SM.
The manufacturer keeps silence.

I don’t believe they make them for the 5.2 or the 2.4 sm units yet however when they do I will be buying them for my 2.4 units.

The answer from Wireless Beehive dealer:
“The FCC does not allow the use of a reflector, or anything else that
would raise the gain of the 5.2Ghz Canopy gear. There is a maximum allowed EIRP of 30dB or 1 Watt, which is what they operate at without reflectors.
Also, the Stinger isn’t tuned for 5.2Ghz, so even if you tried to use it,
you wouldn’t see the increased signal that you would with the 5.7Ghz