Stingers on 5700APs?

Do you think it would help?

It would get you more gain but it would cut your beam width from 60 degrees to 12 degrees.

Do you guys know if a Stinger Antenna that is said to be for 5.3 or 5.7 will work on a 5.4 ?

No. You have to use especific stingers, for specific frecuencys…

What are you trying to accomplish?

I bought some stingers to compare against the standard reflectors for my 5.7 GHz system.

I am confused to see that they are labelled as being Vertical.

Have I missed something here and are the APs capable of changing their polarisation?


I’m curious. The SMs and APs have a configuration.html page that allows you to effectively use the 5.7Ghz range. Of course, the physical SM and AP remain the same so any internal antennas are clearly capable of handling 5.4 and 5.7.

Why not the Stinger?

What am I missing here?

This has become one confusing thread.

Wireless Beehive Stinger Configurations:

This device rotates the polarization of an AP: … ctNum=1032. If you use it, you will need to put an H-POL Stinger on every SM that will be on that AP, that’s why there is a label on the Stinger.

As mentioned, putting a standard Stinger on an AP will reduce the horizontal beamwidth such that it’s virtually unusable unless you are using it for a P2P.

A Stinger only offers +10 to 12dB of gain (I think it’s really more like 8 but they do help).

The Beehive reflector offers 16dB gain and the Canopy reflector offers 18dB gain. We have a Beehive reflector on a 5.7SM at 15 miles and it works great.


Do you mean Beehive Stinger is same as Beehive Reflector?

I have one. comes all the way from Lake Point, Utah.

V. POL @ 12dB (Average)

Where Can I find 16dB?

Reflector: … ctNum=1009


Thanks Jerry.

What could be the best Stinger? Is it Vertical or Horizontal?


Lucky for you, Stingers are just nearby. unlike us, would take atleast 6-10days to reach us and freight costs could be bigger than the cost of item.

If you are already deployed and have SM’s out there, you will want to go V-POL as that is the standard polarization of the AP.

If this is a new deployment and you are trying to mitigate interference by utilizing the horizontal polarization of the spectrum, then you might look at the V-POL to H-POL converters and then use H-POL stingers.

Of course you have already done your spectrum analysis and you know what the noise levels are like in the spectrum you are working in…right?

Look for a freight forwarder. You would have the items shipped to the forwarder, probably in Seattle, Los Angeles or Oakland CA who would put them in a container on a ship and slow-boat them to you. Cost is WAY less, but could take 6 weeks.