Anyone know where I can get the ePMP Connectorized Radio (SM)? I have a client that is about 8 miles and need to couple this with a ubnt rocket dish.



Which region are you looking for product?

I'm in California so U.S.

Streakwave seems to have some on order but who knows if they are already sold or not.  Baltic doesn't seem to have the non-gps unit listed for sale anymore.  I may have one or two I can part with if you can't find anything.

- edit - the above is about 5Ghz. I'm assuming that is what you are after?

Thanks Jacob Turner. I just found some right now on Amazon. I usually order everything from streakwave but they leave you in the dark as far as backorders are concerned. Is this a popular item? It's my first time ordering one.

Streakwave doesn't seem to be too agressive in stocking the non-gps connectorized units so I would guess that maybe it isn't as popular as the force 180 and 200.

If you are going to deal with streakwave regularly do yourself a favor (if you haven't already) - get a rep and get signed up as a reseller.  At least then you can see approximate stock levels and locations before ordering.  I've found some streakwave reps to be more helpful than others in giving approximate timelines on new stock deliveries/backorder status, etc.

I'm a reseller on there. I have a great rep. It's Streakwave in general that seems to swing more towards UBNT stuff more than anything. Have you used them with a rocket dish lw? Or even the regular rocket dish? I already bought the mounting brackets to mount the epmp. I used nothing but force 180's in my test community where I tested out cambium. However for 8 miles I'm sure I'd end up on around -65 to -75 using a force 200. I'm aiming more towards -50's if possible.

I have a handful of the connectorized units on rocket dishes, the standard and lw, they work well and mount easily enough with the RFelements brackets. I usually see 3~5db Rx improvement over the force 110 or 200 dish. The tighter beamwidth goes a long way in helping to maintain higher mcs rates.

That's great to hear as I've done the short range stuff. Now deploying long range gear. Thanks Jacob for the valuable information!


All ePMP in stock here at ConVergence!

Please feel free to reach out if you need anything.