Stop Netbios broadcast

I want to stop Windows from broadcasting / advertising across the SM’s

Even if you drop a router at each SM devices on the SM can see other Windows workstations broadcasting NetBios.
Will the Canopy SM stop this broadcast from passing from the workstation thru the SM?

block the SMB ports in the SMs

I would do that except, unless I am missing something, I do not see in either a SM or an AP where you could do that.

Not sure off the top of my head, but I think it is on the Advanced IP Configuration page of the SM.

Well you would be right, pays to pay attention I guess, I looked at a SM I have in the field that is still sitting at 4.3 not the new 6.1

Soon as I logged into a 6.1 I seen the advance Network section and I am able to filter
Bootp Client
Bootp Server
IPv4 Multicast
User Defined Port 1 (See Below)
User Defined Port 2 (See Below)
User Defined Port 3 (See Below)
All other IPv4
All others

Thanks so much, me thinks I need more sleep lol