Storage period of the Events

could you please tell me the storage period of the Events? (System>Notifications>Events)

For me it is 10 days.

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Events and cleared Alarms storage is limited 1000 entries per managed device in your inventory.  These limits are separate for Events and Alarms.  Currently we have an aggregate limit for all managed devices.  Meaning inventory size * 1000 = total number of events allowed, system wide.  Events over this limit are periodically deleted, starting with the oldest.

Starting in release 2.1.0 this aggregate limit is changed to be per individual device.  So each managed device will be allowed 1000 events and events over this limit will be deleted on a per device basis.  This way if you have very active devices, their events will not cause old events of quieter devices to get deleted.

Events and Alarms are stored indefinitely until this limit is reached.