STPD for AP's

Little bit of an issue, we had an issue where a customer on an AP had a loop, which caused our switch to block the port to the AP the issue is instead of affecting 1 customer who should be blocked, the entire AP gets blocked dropping traffic to 20+ subscribers because of 1 subscriber with an issue. Would be nice if their was loop protection on the AP's to drop a specific sub that has a loop.

I am keen to find out more about this.

How did they cause a loop?

I am confused as the customer would have needed two client radios to create a loop.

Yes thats possible as we do have customers with multiple radios for odd scenarios, but also possible sorta if you just plug the canopy into a hub (yep they still make them for some reason) on the customer end, plug a cable into 2 ports and technically a loop is possible if the same vlan has a broadcast or multicast over a single wireless radio or should theoretically i believe.


You can turn on "SM Isolation" to prevent traffic from one SM being forwarded to another. Can you try this out?



Already do that that solves situation 1 but not #2

We had a similar problem.  Customer bought a wifi extender, set it up to rebroadcast over wifi, and then plugged it in with an ethernet cable as well.

It would be fabulous to have the APs be able to catch and block that, preferably with a log file entry indicating which SM is doing it.