Straight forward relay

New to canopy here and have a straight forward question, we have 2 clients on either side a road, one is quite high up but the other is down low and cant see any APs but can see the other house. We need an inexpensive solution to relay the signal accross the road, I welcome any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve used D-Link wireless APs (DWL-900AP+ and DWL-7100AP) in multipoint mode. But mounting them outside, in enclosures with PoE (DWL-P100), adds significantly to the cost. If you can mount them inside – maybe hang them in windows – and get sufficient signal, they’re cheap. The other hassle is imposing on your customer.

If there are other potential customers hidden from your existing APs, but could be serviced from the tall house, you might consider mounting a “remote” Canopy AP on the tall house. Motorola suggests always using an AP in a different frequency band (900, 2.4, 5.2, 5.7) than the co-located SM. Depending on several factors, however, you can sometimes break the rules.

I have a 5.2 remote AP co-located with a 5.2 SM, but the units are hidden from each other by the metal building they’re mounted on. The primary SM’s AP Eval page doesn’t show the co-located AP, even without restricting scan frequencies.