Strange antenna behavior on PmP 450

We recently swapped two of our 430 access points out and put in PmP450's in their place.  We have the SM's running in interopability mode for the time being until we get them all swapped to 450 series radios as well.  There is something strange with the antennas though.  The signal on the Vertical signal to the subscriber module has been drastically reduced.  Additionally, the 450 Access Point hears the subscriber module on the Horizontal chain far better than it does on the Vertical chain.  My first reaction was that the LMR's were reversed, so we climbed the tower a few days ago to check this.  We found that the connections are correct (A to A and B to B).  Has anyone ever seen this before?  Could this be a software bug?  The Access Point has firmware 15.0.3 and the SM's are running 13.4.1

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I would ensure that all devices are updated to the latest released software if possible.  In this case, it's R15.1.2.

This software will be installed on the PMP 430 devices as well (provided they are connected to the 450 AP). 

After doing so, please report if you are still having issues that don't make sense.