Strange AP Performance Stats

We have recently had a number of customer complaints on a particular AP. Upon viewing the performance statistics on this AP, I noticed something very odd. The counters seem to be nonsensical, showing percentages well above 100 and implausibly high packet counts. Resetting the stats yields the above image after only a few minutes.

Can somebody help me make heads or tails of this? Particularly Customers 6, 8, 10 and 12.

First question: AP firmware version?

Second: does this happen with a full power cycle?

Third: is this a specific SM type?

Sheesh, I’m sorry. Pretty basic info I should’ve included.

AP is on 4.4.1, 5G ePMP 1000. All SMs are ePMP Force 200. I have cycled power several times with no effect.

First, there is known issues with 4.4.x, update to 4.6.1

Second a full power cycle means fully remove the power not a software reboot.

Start with firmware updates, do your SMs first then the AP.

Thanks for the reply Douglas. That’s a bit frustrating to hear, because I was recommended 4.4.1 by Cambium support because of “known issues” on my previous release. Nothing like trading one problem for another.

I appreciate your clarity, and I understand power cycling; we have a remote rebooter which I employ to perform power pulls.

I’ll start the firmware upgrade process and report back!

Ninedd, I’m well aware of the purpose of software versioning :joy: however, if you understand as much as you seem, you’ll know that “stable” versions tend to resolve all known bugs whilst not introducing any major new bugs which would affect normal operation. This has not been my experience with Cambium software, nor does seem to be the general consensus among others. Rather my experience has been something along the lines of:
Firmware x.1: GPS sync failure
Firmware x.4: Fixed GPS sync failure, introduced provisioning failure
Firmware x.9: Fixed provisioning failure, introduced broken spanning tree
Firmware y.3: Fixed spanning tree, introduced GPS sync failure and provisioning failure

If all of our core systems operated this way, I would get no rest. This is part rebuttal, part venting.

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You must not have much experience with other vendors hardware and firmware. Things are never what you expect and this same problem can be found with every vendor. The fact that Cambium is inclined to work with us and fix the problems that we come up with is the difference that keeps us here. Also the fact that your e3k AP even talks to your old e1000 integrated SM is a major reason that there are problems that need to be ironed out. These radios are linux based which means pushing software together without the benefit of having the original authors to make the incompatibilities work. Yes the original authors can be contacted and some are more than willing to fix problems found or explain how their code actually works, but that is also on their time schedule not ours.

This is akin to buying a car today, where I got a call from the dealership because there is a firmware update to the stereo and navigation system to prevent the airbags from premature detonation. Go figure, the stereo and the airbags are connected somehow.