Strange behavior - ePMP 2000 APs

I have a cluster of ePMP APs, and I had to interrupt power several times this morning, after which, one of the units simply stopped being able to get any GPS sync, either from the onboard GPS or from the sync-over-power pulse I also supply. The really strange behavior is that this AP does not even show the GPS Firmware section under Software Upgrade.

My plan is to install 4.4.3 in the inactive bank and reboot, and I hope this will solve the problem, but has anyone ever seen this behavior before? It was working fine before this morning.

Weird AP:

And Normal AP:


Please open the ticket with Cambium Support if the downgrade to 4.4.3 won't help.

I don't think we heard about that kind of issue before.

Thank you.

I did run Software Update to make both banks set to 4.4.3, and see no change - my next step will be to downgrade the AP to 3.5.6. If that doesn't get me anywhere, I'll open a ticket

I have had this on the 1000's, this is what I do:

Leave the ap powered off for 3 mins (makes sure all capacitors in the radio are drained),

Clear your browser cache,

Connect to that ap directly not through a switch,

Power up the AP using a Cambium POE injector and see if that resolves your missing gps functions. If it does, then power off and put back on the poe+timing source and try again. 

At this point I havent had any other issues, they just came back.

I'll give that a try. I don't think I have kept it powered off for a full minute so far, so maybe that can help. The reversion to 3.5.6 did put the GPS Firmware section back on the screen, but it did not display the version number or let me update it - it just said "Your Firmware is up-to-date". When I pushed it back to 4.4.3, it vanished again.