Strange behaviour after upgrading 12.1

After upgrading via CNUT 4.2.2 the AP to the 12.1 release I’ve lost all SMs (all of them with and the AP says the channel bandwith locked at 5 Mhz and with ethernet at 1000-BaseT.
I didn’t know even it could do that! Connected to the AP there are only a FastEthernet switch.
I’ve tryed to downgrade but CNUT says (with any other version of the firmware):

Message: Update File not found for :PMP450AP-DES-Update-Image-C200_COMBO-5x-50 (SITE=AP1Test)

Luckly, after a factory default all come back to normal and the SMs register.

I hope that information could help someone else.

BTW, CNUT downloads are disappeared on the new site!


We are sorry that your AP got changed into 5MHz channel bandwidth. We have posted a Field Alert on the subject. Read it here : viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8540

This happens if you have run the Spectrum Analyzer on your AP. Steps are in the Field Alert to correct this, but it will be fixed in the next software release. The other option as you have noted is to factory default the AP.