Strange PPPoE Issue with Cambium pmp450i

I just recently upgraded my PPPoE server. It was running on a Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 board, using RoS 6.24. I replaced it with a Mikrotik CCR running RoS 6.37.2. I did an export of the old box, restored it on the new box, went through every setting I could find to double check it was all right, and made the change. Everything seemed fine and normal. Things were working perfectly at my house and the handful of other customers I checked in with.

Except for a couple days later I started getting calls (I hate when people wait to tell me there's a problem, but that's a rant for another day) from a small handful of customers. I have one PMP450i 900mhz access point on my network with 5 customers on it. Between yesterday and today, I've heard from 3 of those customers that their internet isn't working right. Called the other two to check with them, and one of them confirmed theirs isn't working right either.

The issue is that even though the PPPoE session is established and pings go through fine, as soon as you try browsing a site, it's like only little bursts of traffic make it through. Google's home page is so small that it will typically load fine, but when they try to do a search, it acts like it just isn't loading. Most other sites just won't load no matter how long you wait, although sometimes you'll get part of the page.

if I change their SM to just assign it a static IP, everything works great. It's only when I have PPPoE enabled that there are issues. Does anyone know of any issues with Cambium and MT when it comes to PPPoE? 

I did setup a Mikritk RB493 at the base of the tower where the 450i AP is, and even running the same ROS version as the CCR, everything seems to work, so I highly doubt it is a software issue.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try?

Hi Jcremin,

We have not seen this issue earlier with PPPoE configured in Microtek with PMP450i radios, however could you please help us with the below mentioned details.

  • Software version on the radios.
  • Is there any bandwidth allocation done through the PPPoE.
  • If possible share us  the PPPoE configuration details  done on the MT

Also please share us your contact details as well, so that we can create a case on this and assist you further.


E-Mail ID: 

Contact Number:


Thank You,


Yogesh Giriappa