Strange problem....can some help me?

i have 4 pcs of 5,7 back. ho is mount like:

1 slave----1 master=40,71 miles -hoop- 2 master----2 slave=43,51 miles

First pair work great on 40,71 miles,but other pair work like this:
ditance is 43,51 miles,RSSI is from 1000 to 1400,JITTER is 0-1-2 and like that he work some time.After ,4-8 hours,on all wether or day aor night he go down with RSSI on 550-700 and jitter 5-15 and go down.That lenght about 15-45 min and after that he go up with RSSI of 900-1200 and work great.Some times they can`t make conections and i must reboot canopy.
We chek all from cable,power,noise,some other signal to make problem …etc,but same is hapining all time.Why?did sombody have similary problem?

Best regards

Are the timing ports tied together on the back-to-back BackHaul Masters, or are you using a CMM?

What frequencies are you using on the two links?

Have you looked indentified quiet frequencies by using the Spectrum Analyzer on each of the 4 units? (Set the Masters temporarily to Slave mode.)

i not use CMM ,i chek quiet frequencies ,all is clear.Frequencies is 5840 on one master and 5780 on second.My canopy is only on hoop.

Motorola always recommends using a CMM or tying the timing ports together on all Canopy units on the same tower. This is to force all units to transmit at the same time, and receive at the same time. But while this is the proper installation method, it’s not necessarily related to your problem.

What is the physical separation between the back-to-back Masters? That is, vertical and horizontal distance, and what’s in between them – open tower, a building, etc.

Here’s a simple suggestion to test if one Master is interferring with the other. When only one of the links has a problem, reboot the Master on the other link. During the 30 seconds of reboot, does the other Master’s link immediately improve? You could even power down the Master and Slave on the good link for a longer test.

If this test does not improve the poor link, then adding a timing cable won’t solve this particular problem.

back-to-back Masters is on open tower on one hill,about 45 degres from each other,one is up,other is down about 4 meters
I will try your test and see what is hapining…