strange problem

we have used the layer2 functionality of the canopy system.all the clients host pc that are connected to canopy SM use 192.168.235.X/24 and the gateway of clients pc are the canopy AP and SM are transparent between cisco router and client host pc.

some of our canopy users are facing strange problem.sometimes they can ping to international sites such as but not able to browse that site.but they can browse any site after the client reboots the SM.

earlier we have routed a subnet of /27 to each AP and client hosts pc were using the ip of Canopy AP as gateway.

can anybody have any idea?is there any network related paramater that need to be changed on SM?


we are also in early stages of setting up a network… except that we are doing NAT on our SM’s but are using the Canopy to provide a transperent layer 2 cloud with our our customers on
192.168.10.x/24 tanslating to 169.254.y.1/24 with gateway 169.254.y.254 a single overloaded port on the CISCO.

Although we are at early stages and making alot of changes, I’ve seen on numerous accounts that the SM will allow you to ping but not surf. For some reason it allows ICMP traffic through but not TCP or UDP.

It could be a config thing on my side, a post related to this in this forum has suggested I look at the arp cache timeout on the CISCO and make sure it is the same as on the SM. But unless your running NAT on the SM you won’t have this parameter (i think). You may want to look at some other timeout parameters and make sure they correspond with your router/switch. Hope it helps I’ve still got my problem haven’t had a time to play with the CISCO.