Strange signal problem


I have a remote site with 2 AP, 5.7 and 4 subscribers. (Two on each AP)

Few days back one of the AP failed, it was constant on default plug screen, and did not want to reboot normally. We changed the AP to a new one.

After that the signal from client would actually go above 90 to 95 and they would still attain connectivity.

I tried to change the AP today, did spectrum scan, no other freq, shut down all other equipment and left only this AP and 1 SM. but still signal level from SM to AP are 95. On the SM its 58.

Changed the SM, aligned again. Still same.

Any suggestions ?

I assume that you are carrying sync through the SM to the 2 AP’s?

I also assume you have all 6 pins on the RJ11 carried through?

You only want pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 on the RJ11. Pin 4 is the default override and when the AP boots, if it thinks Pin 4 is pulled low it will go to default.

Regarding the signal level - are the SW versions the same on the AP and the SM? I’ve seen strangeness with having different SW versions.

Thanks for the reply.

I am using Sync pipe.

All SW version are same, for me it looks like calibration problem, as i can see unit still registered at 95dbm on AP. Which does not seem right.

Have left them like this, till it goes again down !