Strange Spectrum Analyzer result on BH


I have a pair of 5.7Ghz BH Canopy we use to demonstrate to people at a testbed. Last time it was used a couple of weeks ago it worked fine. On friday it didn’t when we set it up for another dem.

After checking the config and the spectrum analyzer, we got a link going by making the slave a master and the master a slave. I later found it wasn’t very stable.

When looking at the spectrum analyzer and I saw that every channel is saturated on the slave, i.e. -35. The master showed signal levels around -85 dBm in the same location. Tested this again at our offices and got the same results.

I’ve factory defaulted the unit and reconfigured, before trying an upgrading from 8.2.7 to 9.0.0.

My guess is its a hardware fault but wondered if anyone could confirm it.


Saw this on a 900 AP - RF sensitivity was jacked up. I was getting readings in the -30s when my noise floor was actually around -80. Couldn’t get a solid link to the unit.

Replaced it and all was well.

Thanks wifiguy. That firms up my suspicions.