Strange Translation Table entries


I have the translation bridging feature enabled on our APs,

I have just noticed this odd entry in the Translation Table of one certain customer SM. I have not seen this on any others.

The first entry is a valid IP on our network. Any ideas what could be causing the other entries? The SM is connected to a standard consumer D-Link router with DHCP enabled to obtain the IP info.

In every other case that I look at the only entry is that of the IP that has been assigned to the router

Mac:001731C58D4B Age:10
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:10
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:263
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:235
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:223
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:218
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:212
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:208
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:200
Mac:001731C58D4B IpAddress: Age:198


The MAC is registered to ASUSTek computer - perhaps someone (or someone’s virus) is trying some IP spoofing.

Most routers have the ability to clone the MAC of the PC. This could be another reason why it appears to be from ASUStek.

I just noticed something else that I cannot replicate on other customers.

The customer’s router is set not to respond to pings

If I ping the address (given by our DHCP server) from the same subnet or from an external address out on the Internet, the Age value for the above IP is reset to 0. I would expect to see this. However the IP from which I initiated the ping is also now displayed in the Translation Table.

Trying this ping test with others does not give the same results. In those cases the only IP in the list is that assigned to the router.