streaming applications dropping

Is it normal for streaming applications to drop periodically on the system. I am currently usig 2 20mb b/h’s @ 5.7Ghz. RSSI is 1120 Jitter ranges between 5 and 8. The B/h are plugged into switches and the customers are pluggened into the same switches on the slave side. The Master sied is plugged into aswitch which then feeds into the main internet connection in the co-lo. Applications like AOL and streaming stock quotes will periodically disconnect.

How often does this drop occur? If you are using encryption then you should expect a drop once every day for the key exchange. Are you seeing any Ethernet errors? How does the system uptime look? Is there any possibility that the BH’s are loosing power?

Are you using reflectors? This will help to decrease possible interference which may be intermittently affecting your performance.